Project Name:

Nellmaphius Ext 21 and 24

Project Location

Nellmaphius, Mamelodi Pretoria

Project description:

The Nellmaphius housing project consists of the design and construction of 500 housing units within the areas of extension 21 & 24. The project is a "brown field" project by nature, as construction of the houses was done on land which is already occupied by the beneficiaries (in-situ upgrading).

The project is commissioned by the department of human settlements in conjunction with the Housing Development Agency (HDA) as part of the department's efforts to reach their yearly 50k delivery of housing units. The HDA is an implementing agency which works with the department of human settlements.

Our aim is to provide reliable and sustainable human settlements where people are be able to live in. During project execution, we strived to achieve housing units which meet the set industry standard. This was done through vigorous inspections and checks at different stages during construction of each house.

Project Scale.

500 units

Nellmaphius Extension 21 & 24

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