Project Name:

Mahikeng Wellness Centre 


Project Location:

Department of public works precinct, Mahikeng.


Project description:

The Mahikeng wellness centre is a pilot project commissioned by the department of public works, Mahikeng. The project is driven by the department's efforts to improve the health of its workers and provide access to health care facilities.


Paballo Engineering Services was appointed as the civil and structural engineers on the project. Designs were done and issued by us and construction monitoring was carried out to ensure that the contractor executed the work as per specifications and drawings.


The building has a "curved, dipping" roof as a feature. This created a semi-cone shape when viewed from its side. Part of the requirement was to maximize the clear space in the gym area. This meant that the roof can only be supported around the parameter of the building. The roof structure then comprised of steel rafters which are supported on reinforced concrete columns positioned around the parameter of the gym area.


In order to achieve the curvature of the roof, each rafter had to be shaped by the manufacturer and shipped to site as curved. Also, due to the roof dipping towards the centre, each rafter had to be shaped individually and uniquely as the curvature of each rafter will be different and smaller towards the centre of the gym area.



Project Scale:

Gym area of 250m2, Pool area, reception area.

Mahikeng wellness center

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