Project Location:

Burgersfort, Limpopo

Project description:

The Burgersfort Waste Water Treatment Works (WWTW) project is involves the Design, Manufacture, Supply and Installation of a 10Ml/day Waste Water Treatment Works. The plant consists of technologically advanced prefabricated systems which are manufactured offsite and installed as complete units once shipped to site.

The existing wastewater treatment plant is design for 1.5Ml/day, and it has been reported that it is currently experiencing effluent of three times its design capacity (4.5M//day).

Since the components of the treatment works would be shipped to site as completed units, foundations had to be prepared for each component. All foundation had to be  designed and constructed with exact precision in order to allow the components to fit in with ease once they were shipped on site.

The treatment works include a combination of Anaerobic and Anoxic in one 22m diameter x 3.88m high galvanized corrugated iron steel tanks, and Aerobic chamber of 27m diameter x 3.88m high galvanized corrugated iron steel tanks.


Project Scale:

10 Mega litres per day.

Burgersfort waste water treatment

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